Our Privacy Policy


The psychologists at Bridge Street Psychology adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) as outlined in the Commonwealth Privacy Act (2014). 

The Commonwealth Privacy Act (2014) protects confidentiality of all communications between you and psychologists at Bridge Street Psychology, with the following exceptions:

1.     If written consent has been obtained to provide a written report to a specified person or institution, or to discuss the material with another person or institution.  If you have obtained a GP referral under the Better Access system, your signature on this grants consent for your psychologists to communicate via any medium with your referring doctor.  Please inform your psychologist during your appointment if there is any information that you do not wish to be shared.

2.     If the records are subpoenaed by court, or disclosure is otherwise required by law.

3.     If there is action that concerns a child under 16 years of age.

4.     If there is a risk of child abuse.

5.     If there is a serious threat to the life, health or safety of an individual or the public, or, on a rare occasion, to assist in the location of a missing person.

6.     If the information is shared during the psychologist’s clinical supervision or peer review.  In addition to the law, all psychologists, regardless of their level of registration, are bound by a Code of Ethics, ensuring all case discussions are treated both confidentially and respectfully.

Bridge Street Psychology are required to maintain your personal information either in a locked cabinet or encrypted hard drive for the duration of your treatment, and for a further seven (7) years after completion of treatment.  This means that information collected and recorded by Bridge Street Psychology is securely maintained and remains confidential within the clinic, in line with the APP.  None of your information will ever be shared or sent to overseas recipients unless you make a specific request in writing.

As the client, you may request access to all your personal information held by Bridge Street Psychology.  However, Bridge Street Psychology may refuse to grant access to your personal information if it is believed that there is a serious threat to your life, health or safety or to the public should you view your file.  In this instance, Bridge Street Psychology will endeavour to provide a written explanation within ten (10) working days.  Where access has been granted, Bridge Street Psychology will endeavour to provide an electronic copy of these files within ten (10) working days.

If you believe that Bridge Street Psychology has breached any of the APP, please contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (www.oaic.gov.au). The Information Commissioner will investigate the complaint and attempt conciliation. If conciliation is not effective the Commissioner may initiate additional tools including determinations and enforceable undertakings.