Acceptance + Commitment Therapy


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, also known as ACT, is an action-oriented approach to therapy that stems from traditional behaviour therapy and cognitive therapy. It focuses on learning to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with emotions and unhelpful thoughts that are preventing you from moving forward in your life.

The theory behind Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is that to try to control painful emotions or psychological experiences is ineffective and often counterproductive, because suppression of these feelings ultimately leads to more distress. Using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework, your therapist will work with you to identify your personal values to guide your behaviour. Learning to accept your psychological experiences, you can eventually treat your thoughts and emotions differently so they have less control over you.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has been shown to work with:

  • anxiety issues

  • depression

  • stress

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • addiction

  • somatic health problems

Working with your psychologist, you will learn to become aware of your own self-talk, then decide if an issue requires immediate action and change or if it can—or must—be accepted for what it is while you learn to make behavioural changes to get on with a meaningful life.

The psychologists at Bridge Street Psychology have training and experience using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for a variety of mental health and wellbeing issues. To find out which of our psychologists would be the best match for you, call our friendly team on 9876 1800 or email