Relationship + Communication Difficulties

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Whether you are having problems with a partner, parent, friend or workmate, counselling can help you explore different ways through the problem.

Happy, healthy relationships provide us with a psychological buffer against life’s problems. But when relationships start to become difficult or strained, they sabotage your opportunities to experience love, joy, belonging, and dignity.

Thankfully, humans are immensely complex and adaptive. We can learn new ways of interacting and expressing ourselves, even when it seems like there is no way to change other things.

As they say – if you want to bring about change in your life – then the most powerful place to start is by changing yourself. When you begin to perceive things from a fresh perspective, and respond a bit differently, it often happens that your relationships begin to change as well, to some degree. (This is because it is not possible to have the same kind of relationship when one of the two people is now reponding differently.)

No personal development skill is as important as this one – knowing how to foster healthy relationships. And knowing how to rescue, or perhaps if necessary, leave one that has become too destructive.

What can counselling do?

We can learn how to avoid hot-spots, when to take responsibility and when not to, how to “fight” cleaner, and promote greater mutual understanding.

Many people benefit greatly from telling their story and gaining a broader understanding of how the relationship came to be the way it is – how their patterns of interacting started to create problems – and what to do in order to develop more healthy patterns.

Learning more effective communication styles and assertiveness can help a great deal, but the main liberating element is when people begin to see themselves and their relationships from a different perspective. A truly integrated new perspective makes a new relating style and better communication outcomes not only doable, but inevitable.