Grief + Loss

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Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion that may surface after an experience of loss – sometimes straight away, sometimes much later.

It is an entirely natural human response to feel grief, which may be expressed by crying, sadness, shock, guilt, or a complex mix of emotions. It may even be felt as physical pain.

Most often people experience grief when someone close to them dies. However grief is also a common reaction to other important personal losses, such as a relationship breakup, loss of a home, reputation, future, friendship or job. Sometimes when a person settles in a new country, they grieve the familiarity of their home culture.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve – no ideal sequence of stages that a person must follow. Each person’s form of grieving is intensely personal, and needs to be given time and understanding.

We provide a compassionate space for someone who is grieving and let them talk through all that is on their mind. Sometimes this alone can be healing, and a relief to be able to speak openly with a psychologist, rather than trying to explain the full extent of their grief to friends.