Anger Management

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Anger is a natural human response which usually means something “feels unfair” and has not gone the way you would expect or want. Managing this response well is a skill that can be learned…

People don’t get angry for no reason. But sometimes anger seems to flair up out of nowhere, too intensely or too frequently for comfort. If that is happening, then it makes sense to learn what is making your reactions escalate out of control.

Learning to manage your anger helps you keep a clearer head and feel more your own master. It is fine to express anger when it is appropriate, at a level that maintains respect for yourself and other people’s rights. This is the difference between expressing anger assertively, but not aggressively.

How Can Counselling Help with Anger Management

We help you learn to manage your thoughts and feelings more consciously, so that you don’t feel so out of control. When we uncover the underlying triggers that are leading to your angry feelings, you can begin to recognise more about how you become angry and stay in the angry zone.

Raising your awareness about your physical and emotional signals helps you to recognise what is happening much earlier in the process, and this gives you a choice to react differently, before you get too angry – even in response to the very same situations that previously would have made you a slave to angry thoughts and actions. As you learn to manage anger better, explosive episodes of anger that take you by surprise also tend to reduce over time.

It can take a bit of practice, but eventually more manageable responses to stress become automatic, so that stressful situations no longer need to throw you out of kilter quite so quickly. You simply end up having more choice about how you act and feel.

The outcome of learning to manage anger is often greater satisfaction and enjoyment, especially in your personal and/or work relationships. It gives you more opportunities for fun, love and lighthearted pleasures.

Life can be sweeter. Why not learn how to experience more of that?